Ronnie o'sullivan the break? (2023)

What did Judd Trump say to Ronnie O Sullivan?

Trump said: “You celebrate making the 147, turn around and put your cue down – and I kind of expected Ronnie to get up and say well done. That is just the normal thing to do. He chose not to do that for whatever reason.

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What is Ronnie O Sullivan fastest break?

O'Sullivan, 46, already holds the record for the fastest maximum 147 break ever made – potting the 15 reds, 15 blacks and all the colours in five minutes and eight seconds.

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Who has the fastest 147 break?

Ronnie "The Rocket" O'Sullivan made a maximum 147 break in the quickest time ever recorded, five minutes and eight seconds, in the first round of the 1997 World Championship. O'Sullivan won £147,000 in prize money for the maximum, averaging 8.8 seconds per shot.

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Who has the greatest 147 ever?

Additionally, O'Sullivan holds the record for the highest number of 147 breaks completed in the final frame of a match, having done so on six occasions. Of these six, one was in the deciding frame of his semi-final victory over Mark Selby at the 2007 UK Championship.

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What did the ref see O Sullivan do?

Ronnie O'Sullivan argues with referee after being accused of making an obscene gesture in World Snooker Championship final, then says the official was 'looking for trouble'...

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Why didn t Ronnie shake Judd's hand?

Ronnie O'Sullivan has opened up on why he didn't shake Judd Trump's hand in the Champion of Champions final when his opponent made a maximum. O'Sullivan says he was "in the zone" and “doesn't find 147s difficult” which were factors in the perceived snub. He went on to win the match 10-6.

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How is it possible to get a 155 break in snooker?

A 155 break is the absolute maximum break you can get in snooker and it is very rare. It can only come about when a player fouls at the beginning of the game (when no balls have been potted yet) which leads to a free ball.

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Who has made a 155 break in snooker?

A snooker player has just made history by scoring a mind-blowing break of 155 and it's luckily been caught on camera. Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, 36, managed to achieve it in an extremely quick seven minutes and 43 seconds, certainly living up to his nickname of F1, which he received for his remarkable speed around the table.

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How many 147 breaks does Ronnie have?

Ronnie O'Sullivan (UK) has achieved 15 competitive 147 breaks during his career, between 21 April 1997 and 17 October 2018. “The Rocket”'s first 147 was pocketed in the first round of the 1997 World Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, UK, against Mick Price.

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Who was the first person to hit a 147?

The first televised 147 was achieved by Davis' compatriot and namesake Steve Davis (UK) at the Lada Classic in Oldham, UK, on 11 January 1982.

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How much is a 147 break worth at World Championships?

What is the World Snooker Championship prize money? The winner will take home £500,000 with £200,000 going to the runner up while players beaten in the first round will earn £20,000. There is £15,000 on offer for the highest televised break and £40,000 for a 147 maximum break.

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How common is a 147 break?

It is the perfect break, in which a player pots all 15 reds with 15 blacks, followed by all six of the colours. It's a hard thing to accomplish, and in World Championship terms, it's incredibly rare – the competition has been held since 1927, and only ten maximum breaks have ever been recorded.

Ronnie o'sullivan the break? (2023)
Who has made 147 against Ronnie?

Judd Trump made his seventh televised 147 in the eighth frame of the Champion of Champions final against Ronnie O'Sullivan, and it came from nowhere.

Who is the greatest welterweight of all time?

Considered by many as not only the greatest welterweight fighter of all time but also the greatest boxer of all time, Sugar Ray Robinson is the most accomplished 147-pound to have ever fought inside the ring.

Who made the last 147 break in snooker?

Judd Trump stuns Ronnie O'Sullivan with magical 147 maximum break in snooker final.

What was the argument between O'Sullivan and the referee?

There was an astonishing moment during the World Championship final as Ronnie O'Sullivan had an argument with the referee over the placement of the white.

Why did the referee warn O Sullivan?

"Ronnie O'Sullivan received a formal warning from the referee following a gesture he made in the eighth frame." O'Sullivan is already facing an investigation by the WPBSA disciplinary committee for allegedly making a lewd gesture after missing a black in the 13th frame of his 10-5 first-round win over Dave Gilbert.

What gesture did Ronnie make in snooker?

Winning seven frames to five, O'Sullivan was lining up a routine black to continue a break. However, with just 28 points on the board he inexplicably missed the easy pot. And Ronnie wasn't shy of showing his dissatisfaction with his effort, and was caught on BBC cameras doing an x-rated hand gesture soon after.

What Judd said to Ronnie?

“Ronnie has been a pleasure to share the table with,” began Trump during his post-final interview. “He's always been so good to me throughout my career. Let me practise with him when I was young to try and learn things off him. [This is] an amazing achievement, and he will go down as the best player of all time.”

What does Judd have tattoo on his hand?

Jim and his character Judd have at least two things in common: they were both born and raised in Texas and they have a tattoo of "Psalm 31" tattooed on their hands. In an interview where Jim was asked to give facts about himself fans may not know, he said that the Bible verse tattoo is his own.

How much did Ronnie o sullivan get for winning the snooker?

How much prize money has Ronnie O'Sullivan won? Ronnie O'Sullivan has amassed prize money of £12.6 million during his glittering career – including £500,000 for winning last year's World Snooker Championship.

Who has the fastest century break in snooker?

The fastest recorded century break in tournament play was by Tony Drago at the 1996 UK Championship – he took 3 minutes 31 seconds (211 seconds) to score one hundred points. The youngest player to record a century break is Michael White, who scored his first century in March 2001 at the age of nine.

Who hit a maximum 147 break in 2022 World snooker Championship?

Neil Robertson

How many maximum breaks has Ronnie O'Sullivan made?

Ronnie O'Sullivan has made more 147 breaks than any other player in snooker history and you can look back on them all here. There have been 182 maximum breaks made in professional tournament snooker, with Steve Davis managing the first way back in 1982 and Ronnie O'Sullivan scoring the most with 15.

What is Ronnie O Sullivan record time?

O'Sullivan's remarkable world-record 147 break set in the 1997 World Championship first round against Mick Price was wrongly timed at five minutes and 20 seconds before being rounded down to five minutes and eight seconds when he first strikes the cue ball.

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