Ronnie o sullivan? (2023)

What did Judd Trump say to Ronnie O Sullivan?

Trump said: “You celebrate making the 147, turn around and put your cue down – and I kind of expected Ronnie to get up and say well done. That is just the normal thing to do. He chose not to do that for whatever reason.

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What was the score between O Sullivan and Ding Junhui?

Seven-time champion Ronnie O'Sullivan thrashed 6-0 by Ding Junhui at UK Championship. Ronnie O'Sullivan was whitewashed in a Triple Crown event for the first time as he lost 6-0 to Ding Junhui in the UK Championship quarter-finals.

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What did Ronnie say snooker?

For Ronnie O'Sullivan, it is abundantly clear when it comes to the relationship between players and referees in snooker: "you are here to serve me, me not to serve you".

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Who is greatest snooker player ever?

The talented Ronnie O'Sullivan has more ranking titles than any other snooker player. He has more Triple Crowns, as well, and has gathered more 147s and centuries than anyone – and that's why he deserves the number one spot.

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Why didn t Ronnie shake Judd's hand?

Ronnie O'Sullivan has opened up on why he didn't shake Judd Trump's hand in the Champion of Champions final when his opponent made a maximum. O'Sullivan says he was "in the zone" and “doesn't find 147s difficult” which were factors in the perceived snub. He went on to win the match 10-6.

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What did Judd Trump say to Ronnie after the final?

And Trump expected a customary acknowledgement from the Rocket, especially after sharing such a poignant moment with the world champion after his defeat in May. “You celebrate making the 147, turn around and put your cue down – and I kind of expected Ronnie to get up and say well done.

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Why did O Sullivan fall out with referee?

Marteel admonished O'Sullivan for making an obscene gesture after the six-time champion failed to get out of a snooker in the eighth frame, prompting a plainly irritated O'Sullivan to challenge the official to check the camera and insist he "saw nothing".

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Why was Ronnie given a warning?

Marteel adjudged O'Sullivan to have made an obscene gesture after he had missed a shot and a World Snooker Tour statement read: "Ronnie O'Sullivan received a formal warning from the referee following a gesture he made in the eighth frame."

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Who is better O Sullivan or Hendry?

Ronnie O'Sullivan ranks above the great Stephen Hendry as the greatest snooker player of all time, in the mind of John Higgins, who says there is "no debate" on the matter. O'Sullivan defeated Higgins 17-11 on Saturday to reach his eighth World Snooker Championship final, in which he will face Judd Trump.

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Who is the fastest snooker player?

Ronnie O'Sullivan was only a few seconds off compiling the fastest century in snooker history during the Scottish Open in Edinburgh on Monday night, but it is debatable how many seconds he was slower than record holder Tony Drago.

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Who is the goat of snooker?

Snooker's fascinating generation game was best played by the sport's GOAT in 2022, writes Desmond Kane. Ronnie O'Sullivan was the main potting protagonist as he equalled Stephen Hendry's seven world title victories an astonishing 30 years after turning professional.

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Who knocked O'Sullivan out?

Masters 2023: Ronnie O'Sullivan knocked out by Mark Williams, Jack Lisowski beats Hossein Vafaei. Seven-time champion Ronnie O'Sullivan was knocked out in the quarter-finals of the Masters, beaten 6-5 by Mark Williams in a thrilling contest.

Ronnie o sullivan? (2023)
Did Ding beat O Sullivan?

UK Championship: Ronnie O'Sullivan thrashed 6-0 by Ding Junhui in quarter-finals in York.

How many finals has Sullivan lost?

Tournament Record - Ronnie O'Sullivan In World Championship
PlayedWinnerLast 32

What Judd said to Ronnie?

“Ronnie has been a pleasure to share the table with,” began Trump during his post-final interview. “He's always been so good to me throughout my career. Let me practise with him when I was young to try and learn things off him. [This is] an amazing achievement, and he will go down as the best player of all time.”

How much did Ronnie o sullivan get for winning the snooker?

How much prize money has Ronnie O'Sullivan won? Ronnie O'Sullivan has amassed prize money of £12.6 million during his glittering career – including £500,000 for winning last year's World Snooker Championship.

What does Judd have tattoo on his hand?

Jim and his character Judd have at least two things in common: they were both born and raised in Texas and they have a tattoo of "Psalm 31" tattooed on their hands. In an interview where Jim was asked to give facts about himself fans may not know, he said that the Bible verse tattoo is his own.

What was the last frame of O Sullivan v Trump?

He cleared up in style to make his seventh televised 147 to the delight of the crowd. It gave Trump a big boost as he then won the final frame with a break of 96 of the afternoon to limit his deficit to three frames.

How much money has Judd Trump got?

Prize money
seasonPrize money (GBP)
15 more rows

What did O Sullivan say?

For Ronnie O'Sullivan, it is abundantly clear when it comes to the relationship between players and referees in snooker: "you are here to serve me, me not to serve you".

What was Ronnie's argument with ref?

Ronnie O'Sullivan had a face like thunder after being reproached by referee Olivier Marteel during his World Championship final with Judd Trump. Marteel claimed he had spotted something from O'Sullivan, prompting an intense discussion between the pair as the six-time world champion demanded he check the TV cameras.

What did O Sullivan do to upset the referee?

Ronnie O'Sullivan got into a spat with the referee during his World Snooker Championship final clash with Judd Trump. At the Crucible, the Essex-born star got into a debate with referee Olivier Marteel as he sarcastically asked if the official wanted to take his shot for him.

What was Ronnies lewd gesture?

At the World Championship in 2010, he was rebuked for putting up his middle finger towards the ball after missing a pot. He was also told off three years later by referee Michaela Tabb after placing his cue between his legs and running his hand up it. “Don't make obscene gestures again, OK?” Tabb said.

What was Ronnie gesture today?

Ronnie O'Sullivan could face disciplinary action after he was caught making a lewd gesture during at the 2022 World Snooker Championship. The world No. 1 beat David Gilbert 10-5 in his first-round match at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield on Sunday evening.

Why did referee speak to O Sullivan?

It came during the eighth frame of the match, with Olivier Marteel warning O'Sullivan after he felt he had seen the player make a lewd gesture after a wayward shot. The 46-year old did not take the accusation well. Tell me, tell me, what did you see? You tell me what you saw.

What did vafaei say about Ronnie?

' Vafaei said when asked about his comments. "But people said, why are you talking about Ronnie like that?! I said that Ronnie is one of the legends of our sport, a genius, without doubt no one can play snooker better than him, you have to call him god of snooker, he's a winning machine.

What was the argument in the snooker World Championship?

The incident in the final began when O'Sullivan - who last won the title in 2020 - complained to Marteel about a security guard who was moving in his line of sight during the third frame before the pair argued over the placing of the white after a miss in the fourth frame.

What did Ronnie do in snooker final?

Snooker results: Ronnie O'Sullivan wins Champion of Champions final despite Judd Trump's 147 break.

Did O Sullivan face a fine over lewd gesture at Worlds?

Ronnie O'Sullivan faces fine after making lewd gesture at World Snooker Championship. Ronnie O'Sullivan faces a potential fine after being referred to the WPBSA disciplinary committee for appearing to make a lewd gesture at the World Championship, writes Ben Parsons.

Do Selby and O Sullivan get on?

O'Sullivan and Selby are the best of enemies, two sides of the same snooker coin.

What nationality is Vafaei?

Hossein Vafaei (Persian: حسین وفایی ایوری; born 15 October 1994) is an Iranian professional snooker player. He is the first professional player from Iran.

How old is Hossein Vafaei?

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